I believe you’ll do like Lebron James

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I love Lebron James.

He is the most popular basketball player in the world.

I started to watch NBA games, and belonged to the basketball club by his effect.

But he isn’t popular in Japan, so I want you to know about him!!

And the NBA is just starting the playoffs. So there is nothing but  to write this sentence.


First, He has amazing physical  abilities.


Could you read this article?

This writer says about Cristiano Ronaldo, but this isn’t something which I want to tell you.

He said that the athlete who has the best physical abilities is Lebron James.

His four aspects which are composed of strength speed stamina mobility are perfect.

His ability is sooo amazing,moreover he has unbelievable structure.  His height is 203 cm,

and weight is 114 kg.

And He can jump so high!!

I can’t believe he is human like as me.

He is called ‘The chosen one’, and he became a superstar with his special  physical ability!!


Second, basketball skill.

His good point isn’t only physical ability.

His basketball skill is so high level, and especially his offense skill.  No one can stop him.

Despite that he can score so many points, he is unselfish player.

It makes him a more unstoppable player!!


Third, his humanity.

His humanity is also good.

He does charity work, plays with children. So he is a hero for them.

And he is chasing Micheal Jordan called GOAT (Greatest Of All Time)

Many people think Lebron can’t be better than MJ.

But he never gives up.

What makes him be able to have this humanity?

He spent such a hard time when he was young.

This experience makes him so strong, and kind man.


In conclusion, even if he wasn’t a basketball player, I would respect him.

That’s because he is such a good human before he is great basketball player.

So If he wasn’t basketball player, he could give hope and dream to many people.

I wanna be like him.


Thank you for reading my sentence!! How was it?

If you were\ interested in him,it meant a lot to me.



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