Fear you feel when taking new actions−can’t make everyone happy

“Fear doesn’t disappear when you try to escape from it. You have to face to the fear to overcome it. When you face to the fear, normally it’s not as scary as you think.”

I was convinced by the words.




How many times has this feeling made me stop from taking actions? This time I tried to understand this feeling.


I have so many fears.

Fear that people may deny what I want to do, fear of despairing at myself, fear of losing confident, fear that people may misunderstand, judge or criticize me, fear to know my real ability, fear to get no reaction, fear to know more about friends because they may turn out to be enemies, fear to lose where I belong to, fear to be alone, fear for unsure future, fear that I may be making someone unhappy, fear that I’ll be fat forever, lol fear that if what I’m doing is right or not….


I have fear right now, too.

I’m afraid that I may be making mistakes in English, wondering about the value of expressing my feelings in this article, fear that someone may hate me by reading this article.


I’m afraid of so many things.


I always hesitate taking new actions. Still, I make decisions and take actions every day. Then what’s making me hard to take new actions?


I’ve come up with two reasons.

  1. traumatic experiences
  2. being more careful when taking new actions than when taking normal actions


  1. I thought that I consider past failure experiences as traumas for a reason. It is to prevent making new failure by not taking action. Not taking actions doesn’t cause any failure and that way I will be able to keep believing in myself; like I can do it if I don’t have the traumas.


  1. Since there is no way I can know what will happen after taking new actions, I become too careful when taking new actions. As for actions I usually take, I can imagine what it may cause. But I can’t do so when the action is new to me. I tend to see more bad things when taking new actions than when taking normal actions.


Analyzing about my fear, I realized that there is no actions that makes everyone happy. Even actions that I usually take such as going shopping is also making someone unhappy. For example, buying things may be affecting the environment. I realized that there is no actions that makes everyone happy. If so, I want to take actions that will make me happy and not to be pessimistic but be optimistic like I’m happy if my actions can make others happy, too.

















  • 過去の失敗がトラウマになっていて、行動できないでいる。つまり、成功体験が少ない。
  • トラウマを無意識のうちに作り出すことで、行動して失敗し、自分の実力を知ってしまうのを避けている。自分はできないやつなんだ。。と知ってしまうのを恐れていて、トラウマを理由に行動しない、させないことで自分は本当はできるんだという可能性を残しておこうとしている。



  • 自分の行動で他人が不幸になることを避けようとしている。
  • 実際は全員を幸福にする行動なんてないのに。新しい、未知の行動時には不幸を被る人を気にしすぎている。
  • 慣れている行動のときはその行動がもたらす結果も想像がつくが、新しい行動のときは想像がつかない。想像がつかない、どうなるかよくわからないから、行動するかしないかの基準が厳しくなり、なかなか行動に移せない。





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