The Teen Media is a medium in which junior and high school students in Japan send out the daily life of Japanese teenager and information about Japan in English. All articles are written by themselves in English.

In general, it is the main role of medium to transmit information, but The Teen Media is a medium for students to learn about English, writing and information dissemination while thinking, studying and acting on their own.

Beyond the framework of school studies, we will turn our attention to a wider world. Also, The Teen Media is a community that can do activities that you have never seen with great colleagues.






About The Organizer


Hi, guys! Thank you for reading.

I’m Hiro. I have taught junior high school students and high school students for more than ten years. From that experience, I came to believe that It is important not to teach studying but to teach acting and learning by oneself.

Learning something and satisfying intellectual curiosity should be fun, but it is not so in Japanese school education now. It is boring because it is taught, and you can be aware of that by acting on your own.

I decided to start The Teen Media for school students to send information in English as an environment that let them to experience the pleasures of acting by themselves beyond the boundaries of school.

I myself will also learn more through this activity. I do not have enough English ability to tell people something, but I will learn with all the author who participate in The Teen Media.

I would like the readers to read articles and teach us about English.










  • Like English!!!
  • Being a Junior High or a High school student.
  • Have a smart-phone, pc, or tablet.
  • Can get your parent’s permission to act with us.
  • Being a person who boosts The Teen Media with us.
  • Free to join



  • 英語が好きな人
  • 中学生か高校生であること
  • スマホ、PC、タブレットのいずれかを使える人
  • 親の許可を得られる人
  • 他の参加者とコミュニケーションを取りながら盛り上げられる人
  • 参加は無料


We hope that you could enjoy learning something, anything you want with us!


The Teen Mediaに興味があるけど、もう少し詳しく話を聞いてみたいという方は以下のいずれかまでご連絡ください。SkypeやLINE通話での説明もしておりますのでお気軽にどうぞ。

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Facebook: Studish.official
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